I’m a Pretend YouTube Chef and These Are the Channels I Watch

So I pretend to be a chef on YouTube. Naturally I watch others. Here are some of them.

Cooking with Dog

Cooking with Dog is one of the most Japanese things I’ve ever seen, hence why it’s probably my favorite channel. As the title implies, an unnamed chef demonstrates how to make the featured food in the video while Francis the dog narrates in English with a really thick Japanese accent. I’m sure you all know in reality the videos are narrated by a human especially since Francis recently passed away.

I also feel the more recent videos, featuring an animated Francis lip-synched with the voiceover, lack the charm of the older ones because a lot of the appeal was seeing a dog clearly not narrating the vidoes.

Seonkyoung Longest

I started watching Korean-American Seonkyoung Longest’s videos to get inspiration for venturing into Korean cuisine via her Asian at Home series. As the show’s name implies, Mrs. Longest (seriously, her husband’s name is Jacob Longest) does make foods from many Asian countries including Japan, China, and Vietnam in addition to her native Korea.

The word that comes to mind with Seonkyoung Longest’s videos is “California”. California is the state I most closely associate with all things trendy in Asian-America and I think Mrs. Longest’s channel speaks to that demographic. Also, it’s clear that either she or somebody who works for her spent a lot of money on her video editing software and is absolutely hell-bent and getting the maximum mileage out of it by putting flourishes like little wings coming out of Seonkyoung at the beginning of some of her more recent videos.

Just One Cookbook

Japanese-American Namiko Chen bears a very close resemblance to the woman I’m probably going to marry one day; I just haven’t met her just yet. Namiko has a very clear matronly quality to her. Unlike Asian at Home, Just One Cookbook is more focused on Japanese cuisine. The videos themselves, with their clean visual style and minimal narration, look like short films that were probably directed by Japanese film director Koreeda Hirokazu.

Gennaro Contaldo

Italian-British chef Contaldo appears to have taken a break from his own channel and has since been on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube show. Growing up in New Jersey, I got used to Italian-American cuisine. Contaldo’s videos are great for more authentically Italian cooking with his extremely detailed explanations for everything. His video on how to make pizza from scratch is worth checking out.


My Japanese equal number: an engineer who pretends to be a chef on YouTube. He’s so metal that he makes his own bread when recreating items from the Japanese McDonald’s menu.