Junior’s: Plain Cheesecake

016Dish: Plain Cheesecake
Restaurant: Junior’s
Locale: Times Square, New York City, NY

To cap our night, my friends and I decided to stop at Junior’s for some of their world famous cheesecake.

I went with a plain cheesecake, nice and good old New York style. I will say that if I were to die right then and there, I would have died extremely happy. It is creamy, sugary, cheesy goodness. There is a reason why Junior’s is as famous as it is for the cheesecake. A slice is also pretty generous portioned, so you are unlikely to go hungry afterward.

The only thing I did not like was how a slice is crazy expensive. For the plain cheesecake, a slice is $6.50. At the same time, a whole cake (according to the menu, it would feed 6 people) would cost about $15. For that reason, I think in hindsight my group (we were 5 people) should have bought an entire cake and split that instead of buying individual slices. Nonetheless, it is clear that since most people who go to Junior’s ostensibly go there to buy individual slices, and that is how Junior’s turns their profit.

Still, if you have never heard of Junior’s, you have probably lived under a rock for a very long time. If you don’t like Junior’s cheesecake, you need to check yourself in to get your head examined.

The verdict: The best-est best cheesecake I have ever had so far.


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