Tarantella’s: Picante

003Dish: Picante
Restaurant: Tarantella’s
Location: Clark, NJ

Before seeing Django Unchained, my friend and I decided to grab dinner at our usual pizzeria, Tarantella’s in Clark, NJ. And as per usual, we got the picante pizza.

The picante had sausages with Italian spices, red bell peppers, and onions in addition to cheese and sauce as toppings. It was fresh out of the oven, which is the only way pizza can be eaten. I’m sorry, I’m from New Jersey. I’m a pizza snob. Get over it. Your typical college town pizzeria where you order a slice of stale pizza that was sitting in a glass case all day doesn’t do it for me.

Overall, I was pleased with the pizza. The toppings made for an interesting combination of flavors. I remember the crust used to be a little thicker, whereas last night they went for more of a New York style thin crust. It was a tad greasier than usual as well. However, the pizza tasted good (who eats pizza while dieting, seriously?). Furthermore, my friend and I split a full-sized pie between us. I was definitely full at the end of dinner.


Looking at the restaurant side from the pizzeria.

Tarantella’s is divided into two actually. There is the side which is more like an “Italian” restaurant and the side which is a straight up pizzeria. Needless to say, the decor on the restaurant side is a lot nicer, but the pizzeria side is more convenient as you don’t need to wait for a waiter to seat you.

What was curious though was the lack of certain creature comforts on the pizzeria side. For instance, not every table had a napkin dispenser. I solved our lack of one simply by grabbing a dispenser off an unoccupied table and bringing it over to our own. I didn’t really mind it because it was late and the restaurant wasn’t very busy by then, and thus there were tables that didn’t need their napkins. However, had the night been busier, I am pretty sure I would have been unable to simply grab another table’s napkin dispenser as it likely would have been used by other people.

And the pizzeria side with our adjacent table

And the pizzeria side with our adjacent table

Overall, would I pick this as my number one dinner spot? Probably not. However, the pizza, while not the best I have ever eaten (Ithaca, NY’s The Nines is the best in my book so far), is still a noticeable step above average. If you are looking for a pizza dinner while eating out, and you incidentally happen to be in the Edison, NJ area, then you cannot really go wrong with Tarantella’s. As Tarantella’s is not an expensive place and pizza is in general not a very expensive thing to eat, I don’t really need to tell you I didn’t feel like I was at all ripped off. Between my friend and I, we spent a total of about $22.

The verdict: The Jersey-est Jersey pizza I have ever eaten. 

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