Sangam: Palik Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala

008Dish: Palik Paneer, Chicken Tikka Masala
Restaurant: Sangam
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

As we are experiencing a true Ithaca winter and had just gotten done with a workout, my roommate and I decided to order food for delivery for dinner. My roommate suggested Indian, so we opted for Sangam, one of the Indian restaurants in Collegetown.

What we ordered was palik paneer, chicken tikka masala, lamb curry, samosas, and naan. Everything was ordered with medium spice. The order came with pretty generous helpings of rice as well. Needless to say, we found ourselves unable to finish the whole thing, leaving plenty for dinner tomorrow night.

If you have eaten saag paneer (or paneer with spinach), then you would more or less know what to expect with the palik paneer. The main difference is that palik paneer has a thicker sauce, which is probably terrible for you, but delicious. It has a slight gingery flavor amidst the spinach and other flavors, which is very nice.

009The chicken tikka masala was a nice spicy chicken dish. The sauce was nice to dip naan into (Indian food 101: You’re supposed to use flatbreads like naan or rootis as pushers for sauce-heavy stuff like chicken tikka masala), so it appealed to me overall.

I got full enough that I was unable to get to the lamb curry. My roommate did enjoy it though. Furthermore, like with everything else, we have plenty of it left over for tomorrow night. The portions are very generous. I think we legitimately ate half of everything.

As we ordered a lot of food, it goes without saying we wound up spending a lot of money. It added up to $60 between the two of us. Though as it ultimately proved to be enough food for 4 servings, the price seems reasonable in the end. Sangam, though, can get pretty crazy expensive.

This review is a bit unusual in that we ordered food for delivery, and for that reason I’m not commenting on the restaurant itself, despite having been there a couple times. The next time I go to the restaurant, I’ll write what I think of the ambiance and service and such (rest assured, I never had a bad experience so far).

Until tomorrow, stay tuned for what I think of the lamb curry! I do need to say Indian food from Sangam has demonstrated to be very good comfort food in general.

The verdict: Comfiest comfort food in Collegetown


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