Mac’s Cafe: Roxy Melt

001Dish: Roxy Melt
Restaurant: Mac’s Cafe
Location: Statler Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

I ate on campus for the second time today since returning to town. I decided to go to Mac’s Cafe, one of two dining facilities (not counting the places that are actually part of Statler Hotel) in Statler Hall, home of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, the other one being the Terrace Restaurant.

I went with the Roxy Melt sandwich, which was roast beef, melted Swiss cheese, spinach, onions, and mustard on a pretzel roll. I have to say it was very good overall. It looks small, but it will keep you full for a while, and I was happy with the choice of sandwich constituents overall. Also, normally I’m leery of sandwiches getting toasted as the breads would often get overly crispy (which is the case of many sandwiches I have eaten from Mattin’s, in the Engineering Quad’s Duffield Hall), but the pretzel roll here was perfectly soft.

Having been to Mac’s on more than one occasion, I will say it is a hit or miss place (their pizza being a hit, their pasta being a miss), and I was happy with the sandwich. The main thing driving down the frequency at which I go there is the fact that it does not accept Big Red Bucks (the pre-paid declining balance Cornell students and staff use to pay for food). Also, given that it is a campus dining facility, expect it to be crowded at lunch and dinner hours.

The verdict: The Hoteliest Hotelie sandwich I have ever eaten.


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