Goldie’s: Grilled Portobello Wrapini

004Dish: Grilled Portobello Wrapini
Restaurant: Goldie’s
Location: Physical Sciences Building, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

With the way my schedule worked out this semester, I hang around the Physical Sciences Building area for much of my day. My classes before and after lunch hour were in Rockefeller Hall, so I decided to hang around the PSB to do some reading and eat lunch.

In my effort to get something reasonably healthy to eat, I got the Grilled Portobello Wrapini. The wrap contained portobello mushrooms, pico de gallo, baby spinach, and asiago cheese. It was contained in a multigrain wrap.

I will admit, it’s not really my favorite thing from Goldie’s menu. While I do like portobello mushrooms, I felt the pico de gallo was a tad strong for my liking. I was happy that they took it easy with the asiago cheese. Still, somehow the overall combination of flavors didn’t really appeal to my pallet.

Overall, Goldie’s really isn’t my favorite place to eat on campus. They have some good sandwiches, but the grilled portobello wrapini wasn’t one of them. If it wasn’t single-digit weather like it was today, I would have recommended going to Statler and getting a pita (I find the salads quite overrated to be perfectly honest), which isn’t that far away, to get something better there, but alas I wanted to avoid stepping back outside.

The verdict: The hardest hard trying health food I have eaten recently.


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