Kilpatrick’s: Kilpatrick’s Garbage Platter

017Dish: Kilpatrick’s Garbage Platter
Restaurant: Kilpatrick’s
Location: Ithaca Commons, Ithaca, NY

My friend is engaged to get married! It was I who suggested we go out for dinner downtown. I originally suggested Sahara, but after some debate, we decided to try Ithaca Ale House. However, there was enough of a backup where we would be expecting to wait for more than an hour. We finally settled on Kilpatrick’s, an Irish pub-type restaurant in the Commons.

I was one of two people in our group of six who actually decided to not opt for a burger. I instead went with the Garbage Platter. It consisted of BBQ pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and onion rings. It came with a side salad.

Overall, I thought the flavors were nicely balanced. I was expecting to get a mess of pulled pork swimming in a pool of sauce, but that was not the case at all. There was definitely a BBQ flavor, but I could also taste the pork. However, it was the mac-‘n’-cheese that really stole the show for me. I will say it was better than really every other restaurant’s mac-‘n’-cheese I have ever eaten. The onion rings also had a more interesting flavor than those of Ithaca Ale House.

As for a beer, I asked the waitress for a recommendation, and she suggested that I go with the seasonal Sam Adams they had on tap. While the beer itself was quite good, I thought it was a tad strong for the meal. I am more likely to recommend wheat ales like Ithaca Beer Co.’s Apricot Wheat.

Kilpatrick’s ambiance was what one would expect from an American restaurant pretending to be an Irish pub. It was overall a bit quieter than Ithaca Ale House, but nowhere near a quiet as a black tie-type place. It was a very casual setting, and it was ideal for the occasion. It was relaxed and good for conversation.

Having been here before, I also had the Old Shepherd’s Pie, which I thought was quite excellent; in fact I would go so far as to say that is the dish I’m more likely to recommend. However, the Garbage Platter is something you can’t really go wrong with either. It can be said that Kilpatrick’s is a restaurant you can’t go wrong with in general. There is a nice variety of food with an impressive range of beers on tap as well as a nice selection of whisky (or Irish whiskey). Moreover, it’s not at all a super-expensive place. I paid $24 for the meal, the beer, and a pretty generous tip.

The verdict: The ideal-est ideal casual eating place in Ithaca.


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