Koko’s: Daeji Bul Go Gi

001Dish: Daeji Bul Go Gi
Restaurant: Koko’s
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

As every Cornellian should know, Korean food is fashionable, almost like Apple products and demonstrating liberalism by being offended by everything.

My friend and I decided to grab dinner here, and I went with the Daeji Bul Go Gi (I’ll get this disclaimer out of the way: I probably totally butchered the romanized spelling of this dish), which is my mainstay. Daeji Bul Go Gi is a Korean barbeque dish which features grilled pork cut up into small pieces (so one can eat it with chopsticks) and doused in a hot sauce. Koko’s serves their barbeque with a small helping of rice on the side.

As an Indian-American eating this stuff, I can tell you it definitely is hotter than what you are likely to find in most restaurants in America. It’s definitely not as hot as something with the “hot” level of spice from an Indian restaurant like Sangam, but you should definitely expect a nice kick. The pork itself was nice and tender. Furthermore, you definitely will be full at the end of eating.

Ordinarily, we are provided with a steaming bowl of boiled egg white to take the heat off what we were eating, but weren’t tonight. It may have been the wait staff simply forgot because it was a fairly busy night tonight. Still, I have no complaints with the service.

Koko’s, along with Four Seasons, is easily the more popular Korean (perhaps one of the more popular Asian restaurants for that matter) venues in Collegetown. That said, the prices are a little bit on the steep side of the spectrum in Collegetown closer to that of Aladdin’s; I paid about $13 for dinner tonight. Eating here regularly will be good for neither a typical student’s health nor a typical student’s bankbook. However, you still won’t be paying out your nose like you would be at Four Seasons.

I have to admit, as a Cornell student, I am kind of sick of Asian food in general because that is what you find the most of in Collegetown. I personally find it quite perplexing that there is no such thing as a nice Italian restaurant in the area, let alone something like French. Still, this and Cafe Pacific (the only remotely authentic Japanese restaurant in town) are my personal two favorite Asian places in Collegetown. Thus, I would suggest Koko’s if you’re really jonesing for some Asian food and happen to hold a Korean-American Student Association discount card.

The verdict: The balancedest balanced fashion food in Collegetown


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