Miyake: Hombre Roll

003Dish: Hombre Roll
Restaurant: Miyake
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

As I said in my review of Koko’s Daeji Bul Go Gi, Korean food is fashionable to Cornellians. We should know that (fake) sushi is right next to Korean food in terms of the most fashionable things for Cornellians to eat.

Last night, I went out to Miyake, one of the two fake Japanese restaurants in Collegetown; Miyake is actually owned by a Korean guy. The fact that a roll called “Hombre” even exists on their menu gives you an idea as to how authentically Japanese the restaurant is.

The Hombre Roll was actually a deep-fried roll which contained salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese, and it was topped with jalapeno peppers.

Overall, there was no one really strong flavor to come out. The jalapenos had their seeds gutted from them, thus dramatically reducing the heat; I actually added some back in with the wasabi. What I tasted most was the rice. As neither cream cheese nor salmon are particularly strong, I sort of got accents from those two.

I think the Hombre Roll in general is a great roll to start with if you haven’t really eaten sushi before. Granted, my first experience was actually with real sushi. Still, I did like the Hombre a lot, but then again I’m somebody who likes food with Mexican flavors.

002In addition, I had a small bottle of the Diamond sake. The Diamond, as the menu described it, was off-dry with hints of fruit flavoring. Considering the rest of Miyake, I had my doubts as to how authentically Japanese the sake was (let’s face it, most customers of Miyake go sake bombing if they plan to drink it). I think I discovered that I personally do prefer drier sakes, and for that reason Diamond was the one that appealed to me the most. I just need to warn, however, you will be paying right out your nose for a small bottle of the stuff; I coughed up $14 for mine.

In general, I think Miyake is a bit overpriced for what they have. I payed just under $12 for my sushi plate. While it was good, I feel like the experience was not mind-blowing enough to really justify a $30 tab. Granted, a lot of it was because the sake was so expensive.

If nothing else, I will say Miyake is very fashionable. Sure, the sushi and sake were good. But I still have a hard time justifying in my mind paying so much for it. I will say it’s the only place in Collegetown with a half-decent sushi bar (Cafe Pacific is authentically Japanese but has a limited sushi bar, and Plum Tree is just not my favorite in general). If you’re really craving sushi and sake, then Miyake is the place to go. Otherwise, I’m more likely to recommend Cafe Pacific. To get yourself in the mood, you might want to see the French movie Wasabi.

The verdict: The fashionable-est fashionable place in Collegetown

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