Collegetown Bagels: Yo Beef

001Dish: Yo Beef
Restaurant: Collegetown Bagels

Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

As every Cornell student should know, every once in a while, there are those nights when you are out having some fun, and that fun often involves alcohol of some form. After the fun is over, you inevitably get hungry and decide to get something to eat before you go home. Usually, the most obvious choice is pizza, hence the brilliant business move of the Loco and The Connection being under the same ownership; drunk people from Loco can easily drift into The Connection for some pizza (which is actually very good, but that belongs in a post all to itself).

As I was on College Avenue, I decided I didn’t want to go all the way down to Stewart to eat at The Connection, so I decided to cut my losses by going to Collegetown Bagels and got the Yo Beef. The Yo Beef is rare roast beef, parsley cream cheese, and tomato on sourdough grilled sandwich.

For the purposes of satiating hunger resulting from drinking (or for many of us who were studying late and need a midnight snack), the Yo Beef is absolutely terrific. CTB is a place I generally have a tough time recommending for a meal in general unless you are looking for a cheap (but not really quick as you will likely be waiting a long time for your order to come out) brunch. As much as I like cream cheese in general, I think there was a tad too much of it in the Yo Beef I got, but it balanced the flavors of the roast beef and tomato nicely. Personally, I would recommend swapping the sourdough bread out for rye as I did once. The sourdough is nice, but I got the rye the first time I had it because they had run out of the sourdough, and I think the rye actually complemented the roast beef better.

On the whole, the Yo Beef works as a nice, cheap snack, which is ultimately what CTB is all about as it is a cafe by nature.

The verdict: The best-est best non-pizza drunk food in Collegetown


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