Jack’s: Cowboy Burger

001Dish: Cowboy Burger
Restaurant: Jack’s Collegetown Grill
Location: Dryden Road, Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

Ah yes, the famous Jack’s Grill of Collegetown. It’s the place one goes to if they want fast food that’s not fast.

My pick for dinner tonight was the double Cowboy Burger, which consisted of cheese, onion petals (yikes!), and barbeque sauce. If you’re feeling like living particularly dangerously, you can opt for the Drunk Cowboy, which is all that plus bacon. On the side, I went with the cajun fries.

I want to say that Jack’s honestly is nowhere near my favorite burger joint in Ithaca, what with places like downtown like Ithaca Ale House, or even Rulloff’s right here in Collegetown. The food isn’t even particularly cheap; I pay a bit over $11 for my meal excluding tip.

I will say the burger was about as good as a really good fast food restaurant, but it is still more or less on the tier of fast food. With that in mind, the beef was obviously not on par with the local grassfed stuff used in Bandwagon, but it got the job done. Fried onions always make things taste good as does barbeque sauce. I will say the french fries were a step up from Bandwagon at any rate, and there were a lot of them. The cajun flavoring added a very nice kick.

Despite the restaurant being fairly busy tonight, I was surprised how quickly my food came out. At Jack’s, you can typically expect to wait a good while before actually getting what you ordered, hence why I say it’s fast food that isn’t fast. I guess it may be that nothing in the kitchen really needed to get set up when I went there as everything was already in full use.

With that in mind, despite the food being fairly decent (again, it’s on par with higher end fast food like Red Robin), I think the only reason Jack’s is as popular as it is is because it is about as close to fast food burgers as you can get in Collegetown. It is a much more casual setting than Rulloff’s, but otherwise has a similar price (a Rulloff’s burger is only $2 more) and wait time with food that isn’t as good.

The verdict: The Collegetown-est Collegetown burger in Collegetown


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