Collegetown Bagels: Havana Breeze

004Dish: Havana Breeze
Restaurant: Collegetown Bagels
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

It’s one of those lazy nights where I was on my way back from the gym and realized I had unwashed dishes. For that reason, I decided to stop by CTB to get something (relatively) cheap to eat for dinner.

Keeping up with tradition with Cuban sandwiches, I went with the Havana Breeze, which had pork, bacon, ham, cheese, mustard, mayonnaise, and pickles between French bread.

Unfortunately, what happened here is exactly what I fear with hot sandwiches, and that is the bread was overtoasted. As a result, I felt a little bit too much of my attention was spent there as opposed to what was between the bread.

As you can imagine, the sandwich was really meaty. It’s probably the answer to the meat cravings you get while pumping iron in the gym. However, I wished the mustard was a little more potent as I felt the pickles were doing all the work in providing flavor to the sandwich. These were not the strongest pickles I have eaten.

Adding to the problem was an unwise selection I made in a beer to drink with dinner. I went with the Shock Top. I think I discovered that while I prefer sweeter wines, I’m not really into sweet beers. I felt the Shock Top’s sweetness overpowered the sandwich I was eating.

In general, I’m not about to say I disliked the sandwich. However, it was definitely not my favorite item from Collegetown Bagels, which itself isn’t one of my favorite places to eat. CTB is a place where I’m generally unlikely to eat dinner; when I eat lunch there, I generally go with what is the polar opposite of the Havana Breeze in spirit, which is the Viva Chelsea (a vegetarian one with mozzarella, tomato, basil, and olive oil on focaccia).

The verdict: The meatiest meat sandwich I have eaten in a while.


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