Stella’s: Wake and Bake

003Dish: Wake and Bake
Restaurant: Stella’s
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

On my way to see The Purge, I decided to stop by at Stella’s for dinner. I was kind of in the mood for a burger, but wanted to avoid Jack’s.

I decided to opt for the wake and bake, which I had before. It is a burger topped with chipotle mayonnaise, bacon, jalapeno peppers, cheddar, onions, tomato, and an egg sunny-side up. I opted for a side of mixed greens in an (half-assed) attempt to keep the meal relatively healthy.

Like Bandwagon, I do like that Stella’s uses local grassfed beef. Naturally, this did result in a slightly steeper tab of about $13 for the burger. I have to admit that I found the combination of flavors unusual in a way that I found appealing. The peppers and the mayonnaise added just the right amount of kick, and a fried egg is always good on most things. It was possibly due to the fact that I have gotten used to eating burgers medium-rare, but I felt my patty, which I ordered to be cooked medium, was a little more well-done than expected. Overall, though, the burger was quite good.

002As I was going out to dinner by myself, I sat in the cafe side of Stella’s; the other side is the actual restaurant/bar, which is obviously a lot fancier. I have been to Stella’s a few times, and I personally feel the service is hit or miss. It kind of does depend on how busy it is. Tonight, I went at a time when it was practically deserted, so my burger came out relatively quickly. However, I have had a time in the past when I came in for brunch, and I waited almost half an hour for my omelet to come out. It wasn’t really that busy that day and, as someone who makes omelets all the time, I can say omelets don’t take very long to cook.

Still, the cafe is a nice chill environment. Usually, you can see people with a book or laptop open getting work done, and I think the coffee is decent enough, if a bit overpriced like everything else.

It’s because I find Stella’s to be a bit overpriced in general that I have a hard time really recommending it, despite the fact that the food is quite good. It’s honestly tough to fit in the budget of a student. The restaurant’s atmosphere is ideal if you are on a date, but not by yourself or with a group of friends. It’s really the only fancy place in Collegetown. However, if you want fancy, I’d suggest going downtown instead.

The verdict: The fanciest fancy burger I have eaten in Collegetown.


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