Synapsis Cafe: Hot Italian Ultra-Thin Pizza

001Dish: Hot Italian
Restaurant: Synapsis Cafe
Location: Weill Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

If you like food in general, chances are you really, really miss Hughes, the restaurant that was attached to Cornell’s law school. The fry cook Karen made what were easily the best burgers on campus, in addition to other goodies she made. Hughes, as far as I knew, was one of two places that actually made honest-to-goodness eggs for their breakfasts, as opposed to the yellow disk that other places just sort of tossed into an oven for breakfast sandwiches.

I was pleasantly surprised, when I randomly decided to go all the way to Synapsis for lunch yesterday, that at least part of the Hughes staff found its way to Synapsis. With that in mind, I think I will be going to Synapsis more frequently.

Synapsis’ ultra-thin pizzas have a good reputation. For that reason, I decided to get the Hot Italian, which is essentially a traditional pepperoni pizza on an ultra-thin crust (hence ultra-thin pizza) topped with cherry peppers.

I will say this pizza is very hot, as in spicy. The cherry peppers gave the pizza  real kick; in fact, I thought the pizza sauce was buffalo wing sauce at first. However, as someone who does like spicy food a lot, I did enjoy it.

I will admit that I avoid pepperoni on my pizza because it tends to make the pizza a bit greasy for my liking, and the Hot Italian was no exception. As I do with other pepperoni pizza, I would recommend dabbing some of the grease off with a napkin before eating.

The ultra-thin crust, however, was very nice. The pizzas get freshly baked in the Synapsis oven, and it really showed in the crust. I’m one who personally prefers deep dish, but I will say this ultra-thin was very good. A New York-style fold is almost necessary to eat the pizza.

My personal preferred pizza place on campus is Mac’s Cafe in Statler, with Ivy Room coming in second. Alas, they are both closed over the summer. If you’re really jonesing for pizza over the summer, I would probably give the Hot Italian ultra-thin at Synapsis a try.

The verdict: The best-est best pizza on campus over the summer.


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