Terrace Restaurant: Burger Bar

IMG_0710Dish: Burger
Restaurant: Terrace
Location: Statler Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

It was another one of those times when I was just really jonesing for a burger. It was for that reason I steered away from my mainstay at Statler’s Terrace restaurant, the wrap, and went to the burger bar.

I tended to avoid the burgers because I remember once upon a time, the Terrace burgers weren’t particularly good. However, back then, they were just pre-made and wrapped on a shelf that you just grab and go. More recently, the grill turned into more of a burger bar where you can custom order a burger.

I will admit what disappoints me the most is the lack of variety in customization options. You can select between two kinds of bun (wheat or sesame), four kinds of meat (beef burger, veggie burger, turkey burger, or a chicken breast), four kinds of cheese (cheddar, American, Swiss, or Provolone), and the usual lettuce, tomato, pickles, and/or onion. While the beef patties are certainly more well-made than the sort of thin beef cards in Trillium, Trillium has more interesting sauces and condiments that you can top your burger with. In addition, I wish I could order the burgers medium; you can’t choose how you want it cooked and the fry cooks cook all of them well-done.

Terrace’s burgers are not bad by any stretch of the imagination. I guess the problem could very well be the fact that Hughes’ Karen really spoiled me with her coffee-rubbed burgers. Ever since Hughes closed down, I have been unable to find a burger that I really liked on campus. I guess that you can’t go wrong with Terrace’s burger bar, especially with the limited options you have on campus over the summer, but they are definitely not the best I have eaten at Cornell.

The verdict: The best-est best burger (but not as good) you can find in this summer after Hughes


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