The Nines: Deep Dish Specialty

photoDish: Deep Dish Specialty
Restaurant: The Nines
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

A few friends and I decided to eat dinner at The Nines on this very hot day. There, we split a deep dish pizza, which is The Nines’ specialty.

As we had a vegetarian in our group, we ordered a pizza that was half House Specialty, and half Vegetarian Specialty. I ate a piece of the House Specialty, which was topped with pepperoni, sausage, peppers, and mushrooms.

Despite being from New Jersey (as in New York City’s doorstep), I do tend to prefer Chicago-style deep dish over New York-style thin crusts. For that reason, The Nines’ deep dish really appealed to me. The crust felt less bready than that of most deep dish pizzas I have ever eaten and thus didn’t overwhelm the toppings.

I also liked the spicy notes the sausage added to the House Specialty. The toppings gave the pizza a classic combination of flavors, and they were on some very high quality cheese, which itself balanced the spice of the sausage.

For a beer, I opted for the Southern Tier IPA, which was recommended to me by a Nines waitress. In general, IPAs are probably your safest bet with a pizza like this; the hoppiness of the beer will nicely complement the pizza toppings. What happened today though, if you can believe it, was the warmth of the inside of the restaurant actually brought my beer up closer to room temperature. It was cold when the waiter first handed it to me. This is a statement to how hot it was today and how air didn’t circulate very much while there was a large number of people here.

The Nines is a restaurant-come-bar. Later at night, you would generally see people hanging around the bar as opposed to eating dinner in the dining area. Overall, the atmosphere is very casual, albeit loud. I have to say I was quite impressed with the service. Despite how busy the restaurant was tonight, our pizza came out in a very short amount of time.

The Nines is regarded to be Collegetown’s best pizza place for good reason. Between the pizza and my beer, our tab came out to be about $27 including tax.I really have a hard time complaining about a bill that size between four people.

The verdict: The best-est best pizza place in Collegetown


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