Collegetown Pizza: Pepperoni and Mushroom

IMG_0760Dish: Pepperoni and mushroom pizza
Restaurant: Collegetown Pizza
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

On my way to see The Wolverine, I decided to stop for a (very) quick dinner at Collegetown Pizza. What I had was two slices of the pepperoni and mushroom pie they had out.

CTP was never my favorite pizza place, despite its iconic location when it was on the corner of College Avenue and Dryden Road. It has (marginally) improved since relocating to Mama Theresa’s former location; I think the latter moved down after failing one health inspection too many.

In general with pizzerias of this nature, the issue often is the freshness of the pie. For that reason, I generally recommend eating at such places at lunch time as opposed to dinner. Lunch hour is generally busier and thus requiring more of a turnaround, whereas at dinner, you’re more likely to find pizzas that have been sitting on the shelf for a while.

The pizza I had was decent enough. It was really crusty, but thankfully not rock-hard. Overall, there was nothing to write home about with the flavor. The cheese was clearly of a cheaper variety than what is used in The Nines.

It’s clear CTP’s business is still largely based on being the only place open at 2AM when there are hungry drunk people wandering Collegetown. Despite its improvement over the time when it was at its former location, CTP is still my least favorite pizza place in Ithaca. The Connection, which sits on Stewart Avenue, is significantly better, as are just about every place on campus.

The verdict: My leastest least favorite pizza place in Ithaca


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