Museum of Modern Art, Cafe 2: Tomato Tart

Every time I visited the Museum of Modern Art, New York (“Moma”) for the pleasurable viewing  of great works of art, the visit has always been accompanied by a lunch at one of the restaurants in Moma. Cafe 2 was my pick today.  Cafe 2 prides itself on an extensive menu inspired by renown restaurateur and world class chefs.  Perusing the menu, one could sense that careful planning has gone into creating a fine dinning experience for the museum goers.  The menu consisted of an array of fresh and seasonal Italian food such as traditional dishes, homemade pastas, artisanal meats & cheeses, salads, soups and panini sandwiches.  Of course, the selection of wine to compliment these dishes should not go unmentioned.  The list was seriously beyond this world. My friend would have liked it.

Today, I was less adventurous.  As I intend to stay sober for the Le Corbusier exhibition after lunch, I decided to play safe and ordered a freshly made roasted tomato tart and a lemonade. It was an egg base tart baked with mozzarella, leek and cherry tomatoes.  The crust was a butter crust. It was not the dry, flaky type. The crust was thin and moist, enough to contain the egg batter, mozzarella, leek and cherry tomatoes without creating any culinary catastrophe.  The roasted tomato tart was served with a scope of whipped ricotta, sprinkled with alfafa sprout, and a bed of fresh garden salad tossed with balsamic dressing at the side.   In actual fact, the tart was very similar to a quiche, but less heavy. Yet tasty. I sipped lemonade in lieu of wine.  No regrets.  The lemonade actually complimented the eggy dish.  The verdict –  it was a contented meal.  I ate every single piece of food on the plate. It was that good.



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