Genji Sushi Bar @ Whole Foods, Columbus Circle

After a day at the museum, I long for a hearty meal.  One of my preferred choices was the Genji Sushi Bar at Whole Foods, Columbus Circle.  Genji is a small sushi bar with eight seating capacity.  It caters for diners who want a no frill, speedy Japanese meal. Being part of the Whole Foods establishment, one can rest assured Genji does not compromise on taste and quality.

Genji’s memu comprises of a range of rolled sushi, rolled combo, sushi a la carte, bento, nigiri and sashimi.  Today, I opted for Chirashi Rice Bowl under the sushi a la carte section.  As you can see from the picture attached herein, the Chirashi Rice Bowl consisted of a portion of Japanese brown rice topped with an assortment of sashimi such as tuna, salmon, white fish, shrimp, ikura (salmon roe), egg custard, crab stick, avocado, cucumber and shredded carrot.  Like all good sashimi, freshness is a must. After tasting the sashimi, I can confirm it satisfied the freshness requirement.  On the same note, the white fish was equally tasty.  It was lightly pan-fried, rendering the the fish with a slightly brown crusted outer layer as a result of the caramelized effect from soya and miso marinate, and possibly with some mirin (Japanese rice wine) too.  With regard to the rest of the ingredients, I believe they uphold the standard one would expect of an up-market sushi bar.  Along with the main dish, the meal came with a bowl of miso soup (tasted home made, not from packet mix), and free flow Japanese brown rice green tea. The entire meal was adequate for one person, though I think the portion was rather generous.

For those who are not keen on sashimi, there’s the Tempura Rice Bowl to consider.  As for salmon lovers, Genji has the Salmon Rice Bowl to satisfy the palate.  My take of Genji Sushi Bar is an establishment that can deliver wholesome, quality Japanese meals consistently.  The price tag for the meal was less than USD20.  Judging by New York city standard, the meal was worth every penny.



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