Four Seasons: Kkan Pong Sae Woo

002Dish: Kkan Pong Sae Woo
Restaurant: Four Seasons
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

As I said in my review of the Daeji Bulgogi at Koko’s Korean food is fashionable. Last night, I went to Collegetown’s other Korean place, Four Seasons.

What I remember was the waiter already assuming I was going to totally botch the pronunciation of whatever I was going to order and asked me to just give him its number. Admittedly, Kkan Pong Sae Woo is a mouthful, but I could have been ordering katsu for all he knew. Furthermore, I could have been fluent in Korean for all he knew, but I’m not and that’s besides the point.

Kkan Pong Sae Woo essentially is deep-fried shrimp doused in a spicy chili sauce. With that in mind, it basically tasted exactly like what you would expect deep fried shrimp covered in a sauce that wasn’t terribly hot (but still had a nice kick) to taste like. I told me friend with whom I was eating that this was the single largest quantity of shrimp that I had eaten at once in my entire life. It’s a good thing I like shrimp in this case.

While it was good, it wasn’t my favorite thing that I’ve eaten in recent memory. More specifically, it wasn’t anything I felt to be particularly out of the ordinary. Also, I generally felt like I had a better experience with the service at Koko’s as they tend to be a lot friendlier.

The verdict: The second fashionablest fashionable food in Collegetown


One thought on “Four Seasons: Kkan Pong Sae Woo

  1. Four Seasons! I found it’s food more ethnically Korean than KoKo’s but both restaurants are good (though I’m more a Four Seasons fan) ^_^

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