Fork and Gavel Cafe: BBQ Chicken Breast Sandwich

This post brought to you by Stephanie : D

When Mr. American Foodie himself mentioned Hughes had been shut down, my heart sank (everyone is going to miss those chicken waffles and coffee burgers, am I right?). In its place stands the Fork and Gavel Cafe (gavel… law school… haha).

Stepping inside, the signature paper and crayons on the table were nowhere in sight; instead the casual ambiance of Hughes was replaced by a pseudo-fancy atmosphere — classical music playing a bit too loudly  (but the decor has seen little update). I was off-put by ordering at the register and not at the cook station. Normally, the workers are nice to chat with, and you can ask them to make small adjustments to your food (more of this, less of that); this new system seems rather impersonal. I asked for the BBQ chicken breast sandwich, paid with cash ($10 credit card minimum -___-;) and sat down.

IMG_0834Figure 1: Allllll the bread

To say the least, the sandwich bread-to-filling ratio was off. Way off. If I wanted a baguette, I would have asked for one. Which reminds me — the bread the sandwich is on wasn’t listed on the menu. I don’t like bready sandwiches — don’t want to taste the bread, I want the filling! The chicken in the sandwich was in fact very good. Moist, fresh, and the homemade BBQ sauce was deliciously tangy (though I probably would have asked for more of it). The chips were disappointing… I feel they were trying to be “healthy” with tortilla chips, but it did not pair well with the sandwich.

Still hungry, I got an orange brownie. The orange notes were definitely there (very excited that I could actually smell it!!!). The small chocolate chips throughout the fudgy consistency were wonderful. Would have been better warm and covered in vanilla ice cream, but we don’t live in an ideal world. In summary: don’t get this sandwich, get the brownie.

The verdict: Ain’t nobody gonna replace Hughes.  : (


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