Tango Chicken: Dinner Box

IMG_0849Dish: Thigh Dinner Box
Restaurant: Tango Chicken
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

It was one of those Saturdays where I spent most of it working on a problem set for Advanced Heat Transfer and realized that I still needed to prep for the upcoming career fair. With that in mind, I stopped into Tango Chicken, the new place in Collegetown, just out of curiosity.

Upon stepping in, I honestly had no idea as to what “genre” of food the restaurant was. It just advertised itself to serve “organic fried chicken”. I decided to try it by means of the Thigh Dinner Box.

Dinner boxes are bento-style boxes where you get the chicken of your choice plus 3-4 sides; they change the sides up every so often. What I got was a salad, egg rolls, and some New York-style cheesecake.

I was happy knowing my chicken was freshly fried. It was sizzling by the time I got it, bringing back memories of Precious frying chicken for her obese mother (As much as that movie tried and as much as I hated that movie, I still love fried chicken. Get over it.). The waitress did warn me that thighs take a little longer to fry.

The chicken more or less had exactly the right level of crispiness and was piping hot when I got it. I only wish the breading tasted of something besides breadcrumbs. It may be because I was spoiled by the one time my mother made southern-style fried chicken, where she added a dash of Tobasco sauce to the breading, which gave it a nice kick, but I wished the batter had a more interesting flavor.

As you probably surmised, the meal was an East-meets-West sort of fusion, where it will always be centered around American-style fried IMG_0847chicken; I personally think Japanese yakitori could easily happen, but that’s just me. The waitress told me they might have fried rice or noodles the next time they change up the sides.

Ultimately, my biggest complaint with the meal was that I felt the price was a little steep; without tax or tip, the meal was $15.99. While the quantity was plenty, that tab was more along the lines of what I would expect to pay downtown. Also, the food wasn’t bad, but it’s fried chicken for crying out loud. I will say that Collegetown finally has a fried chicken restaurant. The tab may be more justified when I see sides like the noodles or fried rice, but right now I felt it was a little steep.

The verdict: The oddest odd fusion fried chicken ever


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