Oishii Bowl: Oyako Don

IMG_0960Dish: Oyako Don
Restaurant: Oishii Bowl
Location: Collegetown, Ithaca, NY

Very recently, I wrote about Oishii Bowl’s Khao Man Gai, which I ate on Oishii Bowl’s opening night. Surprisingly enough, one of our readers had a strong reaction to my somewhat less-than-stellar review of the dish, and suggested I try the Oyako Don. I did exactly that tonight.

Unlike Khao Man Gai, Oyako Don is very much a Japanese dish, which is chicken, scrambled eggs, and onions doused in a sauce served on a bed of rice. Ideally, anyway.

Such a sauce was absent in this case. It was just chicken cooked together with scrambled eggs and onions. In itself, it tasted ok, but it didn’t take me long to reach for a bottle of Sriracha to add some badly-needed kick to this Oyako Don.

While it didn’t taste as bad as the Khao Man Gai, I still couldn’t help but feel like there was an utter lack of effort on the part of the cooking staff. Both dishes I ate at Oishii Bowl gave me the indication that they honestly don’t really care what they’re serving to their customers. I complain about how on-campus restaurants like Terrace make their food in a very cold, heartless, mechanical way, but that is in order to meet the huge volume of demand coming from Cornell students.

The reader who commented on my Khao Man Gai review suggested I simply came on a bad day when the restaurant simply was unable to keep up with the demand that came. I guess I can see that happening since it’s a random restaurant in Collegetown, and not something run by an extremely angry Gordon Ramsay, where a Michelin Star is at stake. To that end, I came back on a day where I would have expected them to have gotten into the “groove” of things.

Sadly, while their supply wasn’t a problem, the quality of the food itself hasn’t improved any since my first day there. If that reader is in fact a sincere reader, and not somebody with a vested interest in seeing Oishii Bowl succeed, I legitimately wonder if we were eating the same thing. While the Oyako Don wasn’t a Mazui Bowl, I would still call it a sonna ni oishiku nai (そんなにおいしくない) bowl, or “not really that tasty” bowl. If you want Japanese rice bowls, you’re still better off going to Cafe Pacific, where for an extra dollar, you can get far superior food.

The verdict: Still the worst-est worst Asian restaurant in Collegetown


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