Madeline’s: Grilled Salmon and Vanilla Crème Brûlée

1467461_618420264883720_780360666_nDish: Grilled Salmon, Vanilla Creme Brulee
Restaurant: Madeline’s
Location: Ithaca Commons, Ithaca, NY

Here I was thinking I would finish my Cornell career without ever going to a formal, and I caught wind of Japan-US Association holding one for the end of the fall semester. I decided to ask one of my fellow mechanical engineers (and fellow foodie) to join me for this event and go.

For an entree, I opted for the grilled salmon. It was draped with a cremini caper sauce, and had sauteed tatsoi and dauphinoise potato on the side.

I opted for the salmon because I was looking for something light, and that’s exactly what it was. Furthermore, it was seasoned exactly the right way: conservatively. As it is, salmon doesn’t have a terribly strong flavor, and I think many people who make it (my mother included) tend to get a little zealous with the seasoning, and thus obliterating the flavor of the salmon itself. However, I was plenty able to taste the fish in the grilled salmon I had.

The tatsoi acted as a perfect substitute for spinach, and the dauphinoise potato was a perfect side because it was exactly that: a side. It didn’t wind up take center stage in any way.

As many Cornell students know, Madeline’s is a restaurant that is known for its desserts. As I am someone with very bad nut 1459148_618420281550385_1290133914_nallergies, I played it safe with the vanilla crème brûlée. I didn’t regret my decision one bit as it was an absolutely terrific crème brûlée. One trait I have in common with Amelie is that I do quite enjoy cracking the caramelized sugar layer with my spoon, and the custard that lay beneath this one was absolutely heavenly.

In general, Madeline’s has a very upscale ambience, with a very low noise level, and it’s recommended you dress up. For that reason and the fact that it’s a bit on the pricy side, I would recommend Madeline’s as a place to save up money you earned from your TA job to take that special woman (or guy) out for dinner. Dinner is delicious, and dessert will be something special. The experience is exactly how I like things in general: classy.

The verdict: The classiest classy place I have been to in Ithaca


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