The American Foodie is Looking for Authors!

The American Foodie has just passed its one-year mark in existence! This would only be possible thanks to the loyal support of our readers.

With that in mind, you should also know that as of May, I will (finally!) officially cease to be a Cornell student and will more than likely no longer be a part of the Cornell community. That said, I still want posts about the Cornell food scene posted here because I know those posts are so popular among the Cornell community. For that reason, I’m looking for authors to keep Ithaca covered while I go on to write about wherever I end up!

If anyone is interested, I’m taking submissions! Write about whatever restaurant in Ithaca (even ones that were already covered!) you want, and write it however you want! There is no minimum or maximum length on your reviews! Write however much or however little that you need to get your point across.

The only requirement is that you still need to be in Ithaca after May.

All I can tell you is what is very unlikely to win, and that is something that looks like this movie review.


(By the way you should totally check out my review of this same movie on The Pop Culture Historian.)

Send your submissions to my email address at

The winning review(s) will get posted on The American Foodie and the author will be invited to be a regular writer for The American Foodie! I’m excited to see what you guys have for me!

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