Cornell Dairy Bar: Pork Barbacoa + Vanilla (Super Premium) Ice Cream

photo 1Dish: Pork Barbacoa + Vanilla (Super Premium) Ice Cream
Restaurant: Cornell Dairy Bar
Location: Stocking Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

The Cornell Dairy Bar finally opened back up this school year! Though it was not until more recently they started selling Cornell ice cream again, I’m glad knowing this indicates the dark age of Cornell (ie the age of fences and the closed Dairy Bar), which began in the spring of my freshman year, has finally ended.

For lunch, I had the Pork Barbacoa sandwich, which was barbecue pulled pork, a slice of pepper jack cheese, and peach slaw on an herb roll. The first thing I can tell you is if you were to eat this sandwich for lunch, you are very likely to stay full all the way until dinner time at least as it is a very hearty sandwich.

What I found surprising was how I barely tasted the pepper jack cheese, though that is because it was completely overwhelmed by the pulled pork and the slaw, which were nicely balanced by the herby bread. I did appreciate the fact that the guy responsible for toasting sandwiches didn’t simply throw them into the toaster and wait for it to beep at the end of its timer like the people at Mattin’s tend to do. When the sandwich came out (it was taken out before the timer was up), the bread was nice and soft while the sandwich overall was at a perfect temperature.

Awww yisss!

Awww yisss!

For dessert, I felt like I just had to revisit a part of Cornell that was missing for very long, and that was the ice cream. I had two scoops of the Super Premium Vanilla. I haven’t felt ice cream that creamy in my mouth in a very long time. That could be the result of the ice cream being made with milk that has the fat content of butter, which is why, despite how delicious it was, I’m not going to make a habit of eating this stuff.

Overall, in my opinion, the Dairy Bar makes a very welcome return to the Cornell Dining system, especially in life after Hughes. I only wish that Stocking Hall wasn’t as out of the way as it is, where basically only Ag and Vet school people can easily get to it, though a bright side is that I can burn off the fat I consume from the ice cream while walking to and from Stocking from the engineering quad.

The verdict: The welcome-est welcome return to the Cornell Dining system.


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