Circa at DuPont: Burger

001Dish: Burger
Restaurant: Circa at DuPont
Location: DuPont Circle, Washington, DC

So I was in DuPont Circle for a job interview. I have no idea how the interview went. Regardless, I at least managed to stop by at Circa at DuPont before heading out.

At Circa, I had the burger. I think the waiter misheard me when I placed the order (or I could have misspoken, as the interview did wipe me out) as I could’ve sworn I ordered my burger medium-rare, and it came to me medium-well. Despite that, I proceeded to eat the burger anyway.

The burger was about as classically American as a burger gets. The patty was made of Angus beef, and it came topped with a slice of white cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion, and tomato. It was served with a side of nice, crispy fries.

Despite the fact that the burger was medium-well, I really enjoyed it. Ordinarily, patties cooked to that degree dry out, but mine was still plenty juicy. The fries also complement the burger very, very well.

To add to the meal, I had a pint of the Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA. One of Circa’s tap beers is a rotator, and the Flying Dog Raging Bitch was the rotation today. As expected with an IPA, it was very, very hoppy. Personally, when I eat burgers, I like having a lot of hops. I’d say I made a good decision.

As the restaurant is competing with a very large number of other restaurants for the lunch money of the professionals working in the area, Circa’s service was absolutely top-notch. The hostess and the waiter who served me were among the friendliest restaurant staff members I have ever done business with. For that reason, I didn’t feel bad about leaving the slightly-more-than-18% tip I did.

Overall, the burger is definitely worth checking out if you happened to find yourself in DC’s DuPont Circle.

The verdict: The capital-ist capital burger I’ve eaten yet


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