Simeon’s: Kobe Meatloaf

010Dish: Kobe Meatloaf
Restaurant: Simeon’s on the Commons
Restaurant Row, Ithaca Commons, Ithaca, NY

For my birthday party celebration, I decided to take my friends out to dinner at Simeon’s on the Commons, a restaurant I was curious to sink my teeth into for a long time.

Dinner started with a small, snack sized fish and chips appetizer. What really stole the show in its case was the spicy tartar sauce it came with; it was also served with ketchup and normal tartar sauce, but I just kept dipping the fish and chips into the spicy one. The fish’s batter was also at a perfect level of crispiness.009

For the main course, in an interesting twist, our table (almost) unanimously decided on the Kobe meatloaf. As the name implies, it’s a meatloaf made of Kobe beef. It was wrapped with a strip of bacon in a way that reminded me of the steak I ate at Mahogany Grill. The meatloaf came served with a helping of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables and was topped with fried onions.

Much like the Mahogany Grill steak, the bacon complemented the meatloaf very nicely. Overall, it was a very interesting melange of flavors. Like most higher end meat dishes I have ever eaten, the meatloaf itself wasn’t obnoxiously huge, letting the potatoes and vegetables share the stage. Crispy fried onions are always a welcome addition whenever I eat something largely made of beef.

For dessert, I went with the New York-style cheesecake. When we asked to see the dessert menu, the waiter brought out a sampler with small cups containing the different kinds of dessert. It was next to impossible to decline a dessert upon seeing that.

The cheesecake was topped with a nice raspberry jelly. It was classy for sure.011

Despite its classiness, I’m more likely to recommend a Madeline’s creme brulee for dessert as it is a lot more fulfilling (as well as filling).

What Simeon’s really had going for it is that it had the most expansive (and expensive) wine list I have ever seen, easily even beating that of Mahogany. Provided you can pay for it, since many of the wines go up to over $100 a bottle, you are unlikely to not find something you like.

As the wine indicates, Simeon’s is not a cheap place at all. With the appetizer, main course, dessert, and wine, I paid about $54. It is a very classy place with a quiet ambiance if you’re away from the bar, which naturally is a bit louder. I would definitely suggest saving up some of that money you earned TAing so you can take that special woman (or man) in your life out to dinner at Simeon’s, even if you should go to Madeline’s afterward for dessert.

The verdict: The classiest classy place on the Commons.


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