Just set me free and let me brie… with my beef!


Sure, there is no trace of green in this hot pressed lover. Sure, there is more than enough thousand island crawling at every peripheral of the soft yet hard, warm but cold marriage of two halves making the perfect whole wheat. Sure, I am SURE that healthy comes first and foremost from your soul and not your diet.

It is prelim week and I am hiking 30 minutes to class on five hours of sleep. Forget the little tummy rolls and peeking love handles today. I will not settle for some vegan, organic, au natural grass and eggs freshly picked by Manndibles so that I can fit into the spicy mini that I will never wear in Ithaca winter OR spring.

Find your perfectly meaty, cheesy wet panini at Martha’s Café, buried deep inside Martha Van Rensselaer. Don’t be intimidated by the crowds, they are there for a reason! The beef and brie was my reason for the past four years but other selections deserve a taste also… if they ever stop serving brie. Just order at the register, grab your receipt and wait with your fellow carnivorous Cornellians.

Even better, look to your left and look to your right. Don’t be shy. Spot the panini lover that may show you a good *lunch*time. Remember, you can always suggest splitting with them since this isn’t a first date. Go ahead, break off a piece and spread the love of beef and brie!


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