Hot Truck: Go krazy, go full suicide, or go home

THE Hot Truck photo 1

Mmm Mmm

Technically, I could have better situated the sandwich halves to look even more enticing than it already is. I could have opened up the breads and aimed my camera strategically so that you see everything in this pocket full of sun-shiny gooey, yummy, cheesy galore. However, that would take an extra minute. That is sixty seconds too much, when taking into consideration the five minutes calling ahead to order the sandwich, fifteen minutes spent waiting, and twenty minutes of cold air endured during your round hike to and from the hot truck on Stewart Avenue.

For some reason, I keep hearing about Louie’s when I mention hot truck. There is only ONE “hot truck” and that is the one on west campus. Everything else is just a truck that sells hot food. It is not THE hot truck. Not when it comes to Ithaca. I stress this important distinction because I have personally never gone to Louie’s and don’t plan on it, as long as the hot truck stays in business. My relationship with the hot truck dates back to 2008 (when I lived in Alice Cook) and quite frankly, nothing beats an old, intimate relationship that has never gone sour.

While this review is meant for the sandwich pictured above, I am also reviewing the hot truck in general. Other than the price, everything else has stayed consistent since the six years that I have been a loyal patron. I would like to argue that inflation keeps the price rising for their sandwiches but unfortunately, I do not think the rate of inflation matches the astronomical proportions that this business has chosen to raise pricing. Case in point, the full suicide costs roughly $12 today. I believe I paid $7.50 for it, in as recent as year 2010.

Truth be told, I will pay whatever they want me to pay for this sandwich, as long as I can afford it. We are not talking about keeping up with the latest apple product or season of Kate Spades. It has and always will be, my TGIF/TGIS late night splurge. The place opens 9pm and closes 4am. Perfect for late dinner or early brunch. Party folks– this really washes away that nasty natty light that you know who is serving you know where!

NOW, moving on to the sandwich. I have tasted a number of these sandwiches but my personal favorites are: Krazy Korean and Full Suicide. They are pretty interchangeable, except the Krazy Korean is on a third loaf and Full Suicide is on half loaf. I would go with Krazy Korean if I am a girl, Full Suicide if I am a hungry girl and Triple Suicide if I consider myself to be an average sized American. The name tells you everything about its nutritional factoids. There is nothing healthy about being Krazy or Suicidal. Inside both sandwiches are pounds of cheese, sauce and garlic. The Krazy Korean has sausages while the Full Suicide has pepperoni AND sausages.

Choose wisely… not that you can really go wrong. Both are wildly stupendous for your late night, early morning palette!



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