Dinner for Cornellians

We did our recommendations for lunch and breakfast. It’s time we compiled our list for what we recommend as far as dinner for a Cornell student, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

If you want a burger and beer dinner…

001I would definitely recommend the Ithaca Ale House, particularly their Perfect Burger. As the name implies, it is a perfect, no frills burger with the usual lettuce, tomato, and pickles toppings. Even besides that, you can’t really go wrong with any of the burgers on Ale House’s menu. As the name implies, Ithaca Ale House also has a very wide variety of beers you can drink with dinner. If you’re lost as far as what beer to pair with your burger, the wait staff will be more than willing to help you out. To top it all off, Ithaca Ale House has some terrific appetizers (provided you have room for it) to snack on before your burger dinner. I personally quite like the buffalo chicken spring rolls.

If you want to eat something Asian…

Hands down, you should go to Mehak. As an Indian-American, I’m allowed to say with authority that between Mehak and Sangam, Mehak is the way to go. Mehak’s tandoori, in particular, is a lot better than that of Sangam’s. Sangam’s tandoori chicken, unfortunately, tends to get a little dry. Furthermore, I also very strongly prefer Mehak’s saag paneer to Sangam’s palik paneer as the sauce simply has a more interesting variety of flavors.

 If you want to eat something Japanese…

025Collegetown has 3 Japanese restaurants (ok fine, 4 if you include the crap-tastic Oishii Bowl). The only one I really like is Cafe Pacific. For one thing, it’s the only Japanese restaurant…actually run by Japanese people. As a result, I had more faith in the authenticity of the food served there. Not only is the staff Japanese, but they are also extremely friendly and are more than willing to help you out if you want someone to practice your Japanese with. It also helps that I think Cafe Pacific’s donburi (or rice bowls) is “ichiban oishii” or “most delicious” in Collegetown. The pricing for a katsu don is on the order of about a dollar more than what you would pay at Oishii Bowl, yet Cafe Pacific’s food is orders of magnitude better.

If you’re going out on a date…

I have no less than three recommendations in this regard then.

IMG_1161First, I think you should totally try The Establishment, the student-run restaurant that occupies the same space as Terrace in Statler Hall. As you can imagine, it’s basically where Hotelies are put through a field test in actually running a restaurant. I went there a couple weeks ago when a special Japan night was going on, and the special was Japanese hamburger steaks.

As a result of my experience there, I am officially not allowed to make fun of Hotel School students anymore (though AEM and Econ undergrads and anyone else aspiring to be a “banker” are still fair game) because I saw they were actually very competent at both cooking and serving the food. The hamburger steak was absolutely delicious, and the wait staff was both prompt and extremely friendly. The restaurant was just a tad expensive, though that was partly because I ordered a rather expensive wine to drink with the meal, but it’s a good place to save up for.

1459148_618420281550385_1290133914_nAnother really good place to check out is Madeline’s. For dinner, I had an excellent grilled salmon, but Madeline’s is most well-known for its desserts. I had an absolutely excellent creme brulee for dessert the one time I went there.

010Finally, you should check out Simeon’s on the Commons. When I went there, I had an absolutely amazing three-course meal, consisting of a fish-and-chips appetizer, a main course of a Kobe meatloaf, and dessert of New York-style cheesecake. The food was excellent, but what Simeon’s also really had going for it was the very expansive (and expensive) wine list that I have yet to see rivaled by any restaurant.

So there you have it: my personal list of dinner recommendations off (and on) campus. If there’s anything I left, be sure to drop us a comment! I’ll be sure to check it out!


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