Taverna Banfi: Stuffed French Toast


Dish: Stuffed French Toast
Restaurant: Taverna Banfi
Location: Statler Hotel, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Well, I’ll be damned. It’s my last Slope Day forever here at Cornell! Before leaving Cornell forever, it was decided that brunch should be had at Taverna Banfi in the Statler Hotel.

Once I got there, I decided to try the stuffed French toast, which was essentially a French toast sandwich with a vanilla peach cream in between the two slices. The French toast also came with a bourbon butter, maple syrup, and fresh fruit.

The cream gave this French toast, ordinarily considered to be a very rustic American thing to eat, a nice bit of class. I think the cream helped the toast and the maple syrup come together.

The butter was also interesting. The bourbon gave the better a slight sweetness.

Taverna Banfi also poured Gimme! coffee. While the coffee has an up front cost of $3, it is free flowing. The wait staff will be more than happy to pour you more coffee if they see your cup isn’t full. As a student with a pretty horrific caffeine addiction, I think it’s a pretty good deal.

As Taverna Banfi is a restaurant that is meant to primarily serve guests of the Statler Hotel, it’s unsurprising that the tab was a little bit toward the steep end. The French toast was $14. In general, the menu items are slightly more expensive than what’s on Stella’s brunch menu. I wouldn’t say the quality really scaled with the price because I thought my experience at Banfi was a lot better than what I had at Stella’s. Once again, I think it’s because Banfi is serving rich alumni as opposed to a captive audience of students, so the quality of the service was a lot better.

In general, I think Taverna Banfi is a good place to go to at least once for a celebratory brunch.

The verdict: The classiest classy breakfast I have eaten


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