Saloon: Beef Slider Trio

IMG_1316Dish: Beef Slider Trio
Restaurant: Saloon
Location: Davis Square, Somerville, MA

Yesterday, I decided to attend a whiskey tasting happening at Saloon, a bar cum restaurant in Somerville, which is conveniently right on the Red Line from where I live. A few drinks later, I decided to order some food in the form of The Saloon’s beef slider trio.

These three sliders easily add up to the equivalent of a full sized burger at a decent restaurant. These little guys were topped with an aioli, cheddar cheese, pickles, ketchup, and a little shredded lettuce.

What stole the show for me was the aioli sauce. It had a pleasant, lemony flavor, which I wouldn’t ordinarily expect from an aioli, much less one used to top a burger. The beef was also evidently of high quality. It was perfectly juicy, and still very detectable over all the toppings put on it.

Needless to say, the sliders came with a small basket of fries. They were perfectly crisp and perfectly seasoned. They came with a small cup of ketchup, but, like with the best fries I’ve eaten, I’ve found myself not really going for the ketchup.

In general, if you’re like me and you appreciate whiskey, Saloon is the ideal place. It’s no surprise this was the venue selected for a whiskey tasting. No matter what kind of whiskey you like, chances are you will find something to your fancy here. Ithaca’s Stella’s is completely blown out of the water by what Saloon has to offer.

The food menu selection isn’t very big, which is to be expected as this place is a bar primarily. What they do have, they do well, and it’s reflected in the price. The sliders were about $17, and that was probably the cheapest item on the menu. Most things go for around the $25 mark. Dinner and drinks ran me more than $50 last night. If I was still a student not working like I am now, I would feel really bad about that.

Overall, if you have some money to spend and you appreciate whiskey, then you owe it to yourself to check out Saloon.

The verdict: The whiskey-est whiskey place I’ve ever been to.


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