Champions: Fish and Chips

IMG_1318Dish: Fish and Chips
Restaurant: Champions
Location: Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

The other day, I found myself at a Japanese language meetup, which described itself as a “talk over drinks”. It sounded like exactly the perfect thing for me to go to.

The venue was Champions, which is a sports bar cum restaurant in the general vicinity of the MIT campus in Kendall Square in Cambridge. To start with, Champions has an amazing beer selection. While it isn’t as wide as Ithaca’s The Chapter House, it is wider than most restaurants, and they had a great set of local breweries’ beer. I went with Cambridge Brewery Company’s Amber to start with, and it was perfect with my fish and chips dinner.

The fish in question was local cod, which was a fish Massachusetts was known for. The beer battering was nice and crisp, as were the french fries. Overall, as far as bar food goes, the fish and chips did everything it was supposed to. I think fish and chips was more or less invented back in the day to be eaten while drinking beer.

Champions is a very casual sort of place. The food selection is generally along the lines of burgers and sandwiches. Unlike Saloon, the food at Champions will more comfortably fit in someone’s budget. The fish and chips I ordered was $16, and that was one of the more expensive items on the menu. If you’re looking for a good place to go hang out with your friends in Kendall Square, then Champions is a place I have a hard time saying anything negative about.

The verdict: The sportiest sports bar I’ve been to yet.


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