49 Social: Roasted Salmon

IMG_1327Dish: Roasted Salmon
Restaurant: 49 Social
Location: Downtown, Boston, MA

I decided to go to an Asian professional meetup which was held in downtown Boston at 49 Social. When I got there, I opted for the roasted salmon.

The salmon sat on a bed of succotash and sauteed green beans. The skin on the salmon was crispy. Very crispy. And that’s exactly how I like it. Salmon is a fish that doesn’t need a lot of help from seasoning, and 49 Social’s chef recognized that and let the fish be.

The beans were also nice and crunchy, but it was the succotash that really stole the show for me. The caramelized red onions and red bell peppers gave a pleasant, sharp flavor without any real harshness. Of what was on my plate, it was the succotash that had the strongest flavor overall, and I think it went very well with the salmon.

49 Social is, without a doubt, an expensive place. Even on my current salary, I can’t comfortably go here regularly. The salmon was $24, and it was the cheapest entree on the menu. More than the food, it’s the drinks where 49 Social will really nail you. A beer was $6, but a cocktail can very easily run you twice that, or even more.

While I was there for a professional meetup, I’m more likely to recommend going to 49 Social if you’re going out on a date. The ambiance was nice and quiet, even with a full bar with a very wide selection of drinks. In general, I’m more likely to say 49 Social is the place to go if you want to save some money up and take that special woman (or man) out somewhere.

The verdict: The social-est social place I’ve been to yet


4 thoughts on “49 Social: Roasted Salmon

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