Fuji Restaurant: Salmon Teriyaki

IMG_1345Dish: Salmon Teriyaki
Restaurant: Fuji Restaurant
Location: Wollaston, Quincy, MA

After a long week at work, I found myself lacking the energy to cook for myself or to go to Boston. I decided to take this opportunity to check out the restaurant scene in my new hometown of Quincy (pronounced Kwin-Zee).

Wollaston is a neighborhood in Quincy with a very large number of Asian-owned businesses, including a large number of restaurants. One that caught my eye was Fuji Restaurant on Hancock Street.

I went there and ordered the salmon teriyaki. Before the meal came, I was given a bowl of miso soup and a small, simple salad. The latter was topped with a ginger dressing. I personally found the ginger a tad strong for my liking; I personally prefer sesame ginger dressings that are more balanced. The miso soup on the other hand did everything it was supposed to. It was nice and hot and helped clean my palate up before the salmon came.IMG_1344

The salmon was covered in a sticky teriyaki sauce and came served on a small bed of noodles.

The teriyaki sauce had a nice, sweetness. It really helped the flavor of the salmon itself, which was nice and tender. Personally, I think it’s hard to screw salmon up since even I can make it, so it’s no surprise that it came out just fine here.

The noodles had a nice spicy seasoning which worked well against the sweet teriyaki sauce.

My chief, albeit minor, complaint was the teriyaki sauce causing the salmon and the noodles to stick to the plate. I would struggle with my chopsticks to get them off the plate, and in the process splash sauce onto myself. By the time I was eating, my shirt was a mess. In my experience cooking them, I know Asian noodles do have the propensity to stick to things, and the teriyaki sauce didn’t help matters. Still, I think they cooks could potentially have done something about it; maybe even reducing the amount of teriyaki sauce just a little would have helped.

As far as “Japanese” food goes, it’s hard to argue against Fuji Restaurant overall; I can’t really say it’s authentic if they have a Red Sox Roll on their menu and none of the wait staff appeared to be Japanese. Wollaston has a reputation of having many, relatively high-quality Asian restaurants, so Fuji would naturally have to be good in order to survive. Furthermore, as Boston is only a 20 minute train ride away from Quincy, Fuji would be unable to pull an Oishii Bowl and serve subpar dishes to a captive student audience desperate for Asian food while still expecting business.

As I lived in Ithaca for five years, I had ample time to get absolutely sick of the Asian food they had there. For all I know, it’s a matter of time before it happens again here in Quincy, but at least I feel like I’m off to a good start.

The verdict: The good-est good Japanese I had that’s not actually Japanese in a while


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