Granite Street Cafe: Irish Chef Special

IMG_1351Dish: Irish Chef Special
Restaurant: Granite Street Cafe
Location: West Quincy, Quincy, MA

On my now third Sunday here in Massachusetts, I made it my day to get household chores done, including my laundry. The laundromat I got it done at was about a couple blocks from my apartment, and the Granite Street Cafe was at the intersection I had to go through to get there. While I set my laundry to dry, I decided to wait out the hour by eating brunch at Granite Street Cafe.

What I ordered was the Irish Chef Special, which consists of two eggs done in your style of choice, your choice of meat between Irish bacon, Irish sausage, and black-and-white pudding, home fried potatoes, and your choice of toast. I opted for my eggs to be over easy, my meat to be the Irish bacon, and white toast.

The first thing I noticed was how long my order was taking to come out to me. From what I could see in the restaurant around me, I already knew the root cause to be the restaurant being pretty severely understaffed for a Sunday brunch shift. The waitresses were all over the place trying to get everyone served as quickly as they could, but they didn’t have the (wo)manpower to do it any faster than they were. Like the wait staff in Ithaca’s State Diner, the waitresses also cruised around with pots of coffee to give (free) refills to whoever wanted more.

After nearly 20 minutes, my breakfast came out. The real show stealer here was the Irish bacon. The Irish bacon was a lot like Canadian bacon in that it’s basically a cooked slice of ham. The bacon’s seasoning was flavorful and appealing to me, complementing the ham nicely.

I only wish I could say the same for the home fries. I don’t ordinarily like a lot of salt in my food, but I will say the potatoes were rather severely lacking in that. Not only that, but I could tell the potatoes were simply not cut small enough to be cooked through all the way; I actually heard Gordon Ramsay saying, “It’s raw!” in my head as I bit into the potatoes. I will go as far as to say that Granite Street Cafe served me the worst home fried potatoes I’ve eaten in any recollection I have.

Overall, the meal cost me exactly $8. Technically, the tab came out to $8.28, but it seems the wait staff gave me extra change in recognition of how long I waited for my breakfast to come out. I also took that to mean they feel like such long wait times are in fact unusual. Despite how hard the wait staff tried to make my experience a good one, I have a hard time recommending the food at this restaurant. To be perfectly honest, I can make a better breakfast than what I ate here today. In fact, I sauteed some potatoes on the side of dinner tonight, and they were a lot better than what I ate at Granite Street Cafe this morning.

Quincy is known to have good restaurants. So far, I really liked Fuji and Hokkaido (review coming soon). It’s only Granite Street Cafe that gave me a less-than-spectacular experience so far.

The verdict: The mediocre-est mediocre breakfast I’ve eaten in a while. 


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