Amrheins: Seafood Alfredo

IMG_1389Dish: Seafood Alfredo
Restaurnt: Amrheins
Location: South End, Boston, MA

One of my friends from Cornell was in town giving a talk on his research! He invited me to dinner at Amrheins with other students in his department.

For dinner, I went with the Seafood Alfredo. It consisted of lobster ravioli in alfredo sauce, along with more lobster, shrimp, and scallops.

It was the single richest thing I’ve eaten in a while. While there wasn’t a lot of pasta on my plate, the sauce and the seafood was more than enough to keep me full for the rest of the night.

As I said with New York’s Porsena and with Metuchen, New Jersey’s Novita, you know you’re at a higher-end restaurant when the pasta actually comes out al dente; most restaurants tend to overcook their pasta. The ravioli here had exactly the right firmness, adequately protecting the lobster they contained until I bit into them.

The service took a long time to get to our table to serve us and collect bills, but it looked like Amrheins was quite busy that night. I’m willing to say I don’t think it was their fault.

Overall, I have an easier time recommending Amrheins over 49 Social. Amrhein’s generally had a wider menu selection, both with food and drink. While Amrheins was still expensive (dinner plus a beer plus a wine ran me $40), it will fit (slightly) more comfortably in a person’s budget than 49 Social will. Amrhein’s definitely felt less overpriced than 49 Social did. You just might want to hit the gym the next day and log some time on the elliptical.

The verdict: The richest rich pasta I’ve eaten in a while


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