Crave-Mad About Chicken

095Restaurant: Crave-Mad About Chicken
Location: Chinatown, Boston, MA

Last night, I joined the same meetup group I went to 49 Social with to check out Crave-Mad About Chicken, a new restaurant that opened up in Boston’s Chinatown.

The group I was with opted for family-style splitting of a large order of wings and various appetizers, most notably the truffle fries.

The truffle fries were cooked in truffle oil and rubbed with Parmesan cheese. I 094detected the truffle oil in an instant. The flavor of truffle oil, while I am familiar with it having cooked eggs with it in the past, is one I have a hard time describing beyond saying it seems quintessentially Italian. The flavor worked extremely well with the spicy mayo that came on the side as a dip.

The wings we ordered were the ordinary soy garlic as well as a spicy garlic.

The soy ginger sauce was subtly sweet. It wasn’t a wing that is going to hit you right in the face with flavor, but it had its subtleties. The spicy garlic, on the other hand, was a pretty hot wing. It wasn’t the hottest I’ve ever had; that still goes to the time I accidentally ordered Wings Over Ithaca’s second hottest buffalo wing sauce. The wings had a nice crispy coating. It looked like the chicken was cooked with the sauce on it, rather than the sauce being brushed onto the chicken after the chicken was done cooking. The wings are freshly made, and our waiter even gave us a warning that it would take 30-45 minutes for them to come out.

Crave-Mad About Chicken is very much a trendy bar-restaurant where the menu is mostly trendy bar food. As it is in Chinatown, despite being American-owned and operated, you will find a lot of sushi on the menu. The music is pretty loud, which makes carrying a conversation just a hair challenging. It’s a good thing I speak with a loud announcer voice.

I really had a hard time arguing with how much I paid. Including the beer I drank, tax, and tip, I paid $21. It was the least expensive meal I’ve eaten in Boston proper as of yet.

For what it sets out to do, Crave-Mad About Chicken does it right. I really have a hard time imagining myself going here without a large group of people to go with. If you have a large group of friends to go with, Crave-Mad About Chicken is worth checking out as it will fit (relatively) comfortably in a guy’s budget. You definitely don’t want to pick this as a venue for a romantic night out.

The verdict: The trendiest trendy bar food I’ve eaten as of yet


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