Fuji 1546: Tonkatsu

IMG_1407Dish: Tonkatsu
Restaurant: Fuji 1546
Location: Quincy Center, Quincy, MA

I found myself last night without any dinner plans after having come back to Quincy from a meetup in Boston. As I got off the train at Quincy Center Station, I decided to explore the restaurant row in Quincy Center and chanced upon Fuji 1546. Just so you know, Fuji 1546 is NOT to be confused with Fuji Restaurant in Wollaston.

Once I sat myself at the bar, I decided to order a classic I haven’t eaten since my time in Ithaca, which is a tonkatsu, or a deep-fried pork cutlet. Fuji 1546 served theirs with tonkatsu sauce, a side of noodles, a small bowl of rice, a salad, and miso soup.

The tonkatsu itself had a nice crispy batter. The citrus sauce really helped enhance the flavor of the tonkatsu itself. As I was finishing the cutlet up, some of the pieces were a tad chewy, but it wasn’t enough to really bother me. The noodles were covered in a pleasantly sweet sauce. The portion size of the meal overall definitely left me full at the end.

The bartender who served me was also very knowledgeable with wine, and he recommended a good Pinot Noir to pair with the tonkatsu.

Fuji 1546 seemed like a rather classy place. The idea of the place reminded me of Collegetown’s Miyake, only without obnoxious frat boys sake bombing. I was seated by the bar, which was very, very long. From where I sat, I could see to the end of the dining area and through a window into the kitchen. Overall, it didn’t seem like a place I would expect to be in Quincy Center, which is more or less like the Ithaca Commons. I had an easier time imagining this place in New York. Despite the classy look, dinner didn’t really take a huge bite out of my finances. Including the wine, tax, and tip, I paid about $27. It is one of the more expensive Asian meals I’ve had in a while, but less expensive than many other meals I’ve had.

Bear in mind that Fuji 1546 has a rather middling average rating on Yelp! From what I’ve read, most people go to Fuji 1546 for sushi and cocktails, of which I had neither last night. People tended to have less than impressive experiences with both, and I’ve read a few reviews complaining about the quality of the service too. I will say I thought Fuji 1546 seemed a bit understaffed for a Saturday night shift.

With that in mind, I think I will need to come here at least one more time to get a more accurate picture of what dining at Fuji 1546 is really like. I know people who had bad experiences are generally more likely to vent on Yelp!, but I felt like I had a decent enough experience last night. It’s the first time I’ve been to an Asian food place that really had some class to it. It seemed like a place that would be fun to go to either if you were on a date or as part of a small group of friends.

The verdict: The classiest classy Asian place I’ve been to as of yet


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