The Beehive: Skirt Steak

IMG_1416.JPGDish: Skirt Steak
Restaurant: The Beehive
Location: South End, Boston, MA

This past Friday, after pestering my friend enough, she picked out The Beehive for us to have dinner at.

The Beehive is a restaurant that doubles as a jazz club. As you eat dinner, you will get to listen to live jazz music, which really added to the atmosphere.

I opted for the skirt steak, which sat on beans and a mountain of fries.

The steak had a very nice peppery marinade and was complemented nicely by the salty fries. This dish probably had the largest amount of fries I had ever seen at once.

While The Beehive is a little on the pricey side, I didn’t once think it was unreasonable. My steak was $27. It’s well within the range of what I tend to expect in Boston, and I thought the steak and atmosphere was enough to justify the price. The service here was top notch too.

Overall, if you like food with a side of jazz music, then The Beehive is well worth checking out.


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