Craig’s Cafe: Irish Benedict

IMG_1445Dish: Irish Benedict
Restaurant: Craig’s Cafe
Location: Quincy Center, Quincy, MA

No weekend is ever complete with a nice weekend brunch. Having read some good reviews on Yelp! (though I do take their reviews with a grain of salt since Yelp! is now officially allowed to delete less-than-favorable reviews in exchange for money from the business in question), I decided to check out Craig’s Cafe, which is less than a block away from the Quincy Center train station.

For some reason, I was in the mood for some corned beef hash. For that reason, I got the Irish Benedict, which is Eggs Benedict where there is beef hash between the poached egg and the English muffin. The Irish Benedict came with a nice helping of home fries.

Everything was just the right level of salty. Because of my experience at the Granite Street Cafe, I was expecting my potatoes to be woefully underseasoned when I saw them at first. Upon tasting, that turned out to not be the case at all.

The Hollandaise sauce on the eggs was delightfully creamy, and there was a nice soft muffin at the bottom of the Benedicts.

Like any halfway decent breakfast place, the price of coffee was included in the price of the breakfast, and it overall came out to about $9. This was also one of the more expensive items on their Breakfast menu. The decor was not at all fancy, and I could see the “kitchen” behind the counter from where I sat. I could see the cook freshly cooking everything as fast as he could.

Breakfast came out at a decent speed, and the wait staff was extremely friendly. This is one restaurant I don’t feel bad about being a little more generous with tip at all.

My one and only gripe was with the self-serve coffee. The coffee comes out of pots where you squeeze a button to get the coffee out. The coffee in general didn’t hold its temperature very well and approached room temperature very quickly as soon as I poured a little milk.

Despite that, my experience was the antithesis of that in Stella’s in Ithaca. The coffee wasn’t stupidly expensive, the staff actually put a bit of care into the service that they gave, and the food was about half the price. There are some nice things that come with no longer being in an area populated largely by a captive audience of rich students.

All in all, I think I’ve found my new weekend brunch spot.

The verdict: The breakfast-est breakfast place in Quincy


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