Cornwall’s: London Burger

NOTE: Apologies for the fact that I was unable to snag a photo of my burger last night.

Dish: London Burger
Restaurant: Cornwall’s
Location: Kenmore Square, Boston, MA

Last night, I found myself at a Japanese language meetup in Kenmore Square. The chosen venue was Cornwall’s, an Irish pub-styled restaurant there.

I ordered a London Burger. It was very much a no-frills cheeseburger; it was simply a beef patty with Monterey Jack cheese on a bun. Cornwall’s has a wide selection of burgers, but they all tend to be a beef patty and an extra topping. The burgers are nothing fancy, but they get the job done.

I was a little disappointed in the steak fries served on the side. I felt like they were pretty severely lacking in seasoning (if there was any at all) and were also a bit dry for my liking. The pile of fries I got here stood in stark contrast to the small cup I got with my burger at Scholar’s.

The burger I had last night was $9.50 whereas what I had at Scholar’s was $15. Naturally, with such a dramatic difference in price, the quality scales down. I would go as far as to say the burger I had at Cornwall’s was 2/3 as good as the one I had at Scholar’s. It’s clear the alcohol at Cornwall’s is the main attraction.

Furthermore, while Scholar’s was a classier establishment, Cornwall’s is definitely more casual. I would go as far to say that it’s more casual than even Kilpatrick’s in Ithaca. It’s very much the place I can more easily envision going out with a larger group of friends. It’s not a very ideal venue for a romantic dinner, in my opinion, but it’s good enough if all you’re looking for is a simple burger-and-beer type dinner on a Friday night after a long week of work.

The verdict: The Irish-est Irish pub I’ve been to in Boston as of yet. 


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