The Fat Cat: Seafood Pasta Special

IMG_1489Dish: Seafood Pasta Special
Restaurant: The Fat Cat
Location: Quincy Center, Quincy, MA

At the invitation of a friend, I ate dinner at The Fat Cat, a restaurant sitting on Chestnut Street in Quincy that I’ve driven past plenty of times, but I’ve never actually noticed until tonight.

I went with the seafood pasta special after finding that The Fat Cat had run out of the tilapia special the waitress told me about. It was all well and good since my friend and I were drinking a 2012 William Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. If you know nothing else at all, red wines don’t go very well with fish dishes, but do go well with creamy pastas.

The seafood pasta featured mussels, crab, shrimp, and scallops in addition to squash in an Alfredo sauce. The Alfredo sauce was a bit lighter than what I’ve had in recent memory. It wasn’t anywhere near as rich as what I had at Amrhein’s a while back. The sauce ran through the penne pasta instead of almost coagulating in the noodles. There was also a nice lemon flavor. A citrus tang is always good when eating seafood, which is part of the reason I tend to prefer Sauvignon Blanc wines when eating seafood. Did I mention the portion was absolutely massive? I barely finished my pasta, but my companion found herself boxing half of hers to take home.

The William Hill was (an accidental) good choice here. As a Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine was definitely more fruity than spicy while also maintaining a nice, light body. It’s because of the lighter body that I personally find myself preferring Cabernets over Pinot Noirs, which I personally wouldn’t have liked too much with this creamy pasta. The wine was also the single most expensive component of dinner tonight. We split a $26 bottle, though I’m sure it would cost less if you bought it at a liquor shop since restaurants always mark up the prices of wine to at least 150% what you would pay.

While I spent a bit of money tonight, it was because I went all out with an expensive wine and desert, which by the way was a nice creme brulee. Overall, including tip, I spent a little less than $40. The more expensive entrees on the menu were all less than $20, whereas sandwiches and burgers ran for around the $13 mark. I can see why the restaurant was full. The food was good and the price was hard to argue with. At least, it was harder to argue with the prices of 49 Social. Overall, I would definitely say this is the most bang for buck I’ve gotten in Quincy as of yet. I just had to wait a solid half an hour before a table was available to get seated.

The verdict: The best-est best deal in Quincy I’ve gotten yet.


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