Bostonia Public House: Classic Benedict

002Dish: Classic Benedict
Restaurant: Bostonia Public House
Location: Financial District, Boston, MA

Yesterday, I was meeting my friend for brunch in Boston. By accident, I found the Bostonia Public House in the heart of Boston’s Financial District.

Upon entering, I found myself greeted by a live jazz band. No matter how you look at it, that is classy.

For brunch, I ordered the Classic Benedict. It’s a a typical Eggs Benedict with poached eggs sitting on ham which sits on half English muffins. The eggs were topped with a nice, creamy hollandaise sauce and chives. The Eggs Benedict were served with sweet potato hash and two orange slices.

The chives in general made the Eggs Benedict a bit more sexy than what I’m used to eating at places like Craig’s. The English muffin was warm, yet soft. It was toasted to exactly the right degree.

The sweet potato hash was nice and crisp. Ordinarily, while I do like sweet potato fries a lot, I tend to avoid sweet potato home fries. If sweet potatoes haven’t been fried long enough, they tend to get a little soggy and that unfortunately happened with sweet potato home fries I’ve had at other restaurants. The sweet potato fries here, on the other hand, were perfect.

The best part? The price. While the coffee was unusually steep at $4 (though with bottomless refills), the Eggs Benedict itself was $14. While it’s more than I pay for brunch ordinarily, I have a hard time arguing with that tab given where I was eating. As it is in the Financial District, Bostonia Public House is ostensibly fighting for the money of spreadsheet monkeys who would then go to bars later that night to charm their way into women’s pants by telling these unfortunate people who think Sex and the City is an accurate representation of real life how they’re “bankers”. Again, the live jazz band was a nice touch.

While I’m unlikely to go out of my way to come to Bostonia Public House for brunch by myself, it’s a good place if you’re looking for a classier brunch. They also do pour beer, though I can’t bring myself to have any; I personally feel like if I drink alcohol before a certain time of the day, that officially makes me an alcoholic. Besides, I’m someone who needs my morning coffee.

The verdict: The classiest classy brunch spot I’ve been to yet.


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